About Us

In 2014 a group of 6 cannabis enthusiasts came together with the idea to save money by growing and cultivating their own flower. Since then, we have grown into a collective of home-growers, chefs, enthusiast and entrepreneurs. Who teach others how to grow their own legal flower! 

Through both trial and error we have developed techniques and strategies on growing cannabis in a safe and cost-effective manner. We share our knowledge through growing subscriptions so you too can grow your own high quality flower for a fraction of the cost. By providing in-home maintenance and assistance services. we ensure you end up with a satisfying product. 

Along with growing subscriptions we host a number of events and growing workshops throughout the New England area in an effort to increase awareness of legal avenues available for enthusiast and entrepreneurs .

Our Mission

Krystal Gardens has two fundamental purposes: teach people how to legally grow their own cannabis and to destigmatize cannabis production and consumption. We do this through equipping our members with the information and materials needed to become self-sufficient, and hosting social events that explore the nuances of cannabis culture.