About Us

In 2014 a group of 6 cannabis enthusiasts came together with the idea to save money by growing and cultivating their own flower. Since then, we have become a collective of home-growers, chefs, artists, and entrepreneurs. Who provide gardening services and host events for recreational growers.

Through the adoption of automated controllers and years of collecting data, we share our knowledge through our gardening services. High-quality flowers can be grown at home for a fraction of the cost. Grow with us.

We are connecting growers through our many events. We focus on creating experiences that are as unique as pleasurable. From infused brunches to elevated paint sessions, there is nothing quite like us.

Our Mission

Krystal Gardens has two fundamental purposes: To provide people with a service to grow their own flower and to destigmatize cannabis use. We do this by providing a large array of gardening services, and hosting social events that explore the nuances of cannabis culture.