4 Inch Carbon Filter


  • PREMIUM CARBON FILTER: The main core of the charcoal filter has been made of fine Australian activated charcoal, which is recognized as the top-grade carbon filter core material source. We selected many suppliers to present you with this charcoal filter for the indoor tent.
  • HIGHER AIRFLOW RATE: Air Flow: 210 CFM. Dimensions: 4*14 inches. Specially designed in a black-colored style. The panel ventilation rate goes up to 53%, greatly reducing air volume loss and increasing efficiency. The free high-quality material pre-filter blocks 99% of the big particles, effectively preventing the filter from being clogged and extend the lifespan of the carbon filter core.
  • MULTI-USE AIR CARBON FILTER: The item can be used as an air intake or exhaust filter for various settings, and this carbon filter is also suitable for indoor planting tents, bathrooms, basements, and kitchens. It is a must-have air quality butler for your home. But please be noted this carbon filter needs to be used in accordance with straight exhaust fans and ducts.
  • INDOOR TENT ORDER MANAGEMENT: The special design makes it has higher absorption performance for air pollutants, including the smell of indoor planting tents, kitchen fume, pet odor, cigarettes fume, and other chemical irritants. Giving you fresh and clean air quality.
  • EXTENDED SERVICE LIFE: The tapered base conforms to the mechanical design principle and can better exert the adsorption effect of activated carbon. Reversible filter flange and base for longer life. The long screw port design makes it easier. Contact us for more support if you have any questions, feel free to ask and join our 1,000,000 membership.